Digital asset exchange and coin trading platform.


BlockEx was a digital asset exchange platform that built software which could manage digital assets on the blockchain. In addition to this, they also ran a trading platform.

Exploration & Research

At first, it was essential to understand how people interacted with crypto trading platforms. I interviewed and had feedback at hand from some of our regular traders.

It was necessary to understand which trade room layouts people generally liked and why, for example having the order blotter on the top right of the screen was generally the consensus across most people that I spoke with.

I also took a look at competitor trading platforms such as Binance and spoke to some regular traders from there who could give me a little insight into why they liked the product/why they didn’t.

Project Length

6 Months


Web & iOS

Design System

As BlockEx had no existing design system and were in a transitional phase of developing a new SPA based trade room in react, it was vital for me to work with front-end developers to produce a design library in Sketch which was then translated into react components ready for use on the SPA trade room. As with most design systems, I organised the design system by atoms, molecules and organisms.


The trade room was built using react and utilised react components built from the design system. We planned to initially roll this out to a group of alpha testers before pushing it out to production. This would give us ample time to receive feedback and data on how the new trade room is performing.